Celebrating a Small English Garden

Celebrating A Small English Garden: A South African’s Garden in the Rocky Mountain Region

This is neither a conventional nor a scholarly gardening book. While it describes how the garden was created from scratch over ten years using common sense and common plants, there are passages devoted to incompetent landscapers, the hiring of reliable help and a chapter about tea and tea parties. The book includes useful tips, advice and design ideas. There also are some mildly amusing observations, as well as approximately 160 quite nice, full color photographs.

A Medley of GardensA Medley of Gardens: Denver Style

The explosion of originality and diversity encountered in gardens in the Denver area is the focus of this inspiring volume. The full-color photography and delightful illustrations of these featured gardens will give you a birds-eye view of the possibilities for your own open-air places. There are gardening tips to enlighten and lively observations to amuse as you tour local gardens of every size and variety.

Magical Gardens Denver Region

Magical Gardens: Denver Region

Maureen Jabour gives us an elegantly photographed tour of beautiful and unique Denver gardens.This book is a visual feast!

Too Late for Regrets Final Cover

Too Late for Regrets 

A beautiful South African widow moves to a beautifully sleepy town and quickly falls in love with the town sheriff. They engage in a romance that will last forever.

Praise for Too Late for Regrets 

“Too Late for Regrets is a touching story about Elizabeth and Timothy’s great love for each other. The author’s writing is flawless and she makes the reader connect with the characters. I don’t want to give away too much, but this story brought me to tears! Maureen Jabour shows us the beauty of that once in a lifetime love.”

“Elizabeth is the perfect woman. She’s beautiful, smart, confident and serene, and it’s no surprise that handsome police officer Captain Timothy Bennett falls instantly in love with her when he comes to her aid after she falls while out on a walk. Their love blossoms. They marry and live an idyllic life. Elizabeth is an expert on flower gardening, and she shares her knowledge with Timothy, who is an eager learner. But… sometimes it is the imperfections and flaws in people that keeps us intrigued with them, and perhaps for this reason, Timothy is easy prey for his new, young and very flawed office assistant. She is almost the complete opposite to Elizabeth—brash, not too intelligent, and a complete slob, but he is unable to resist her advances. When Elizabeth finds out, she is devastated, and in her inimitably efficient manner, she initiates a divorce, and moves on with her life.  There’s only one problem. Timothy still loves Elizabeth and she still loves him. Is it truly too late for regrets? This is a beautiful and very sad love story, written in an interesting and unusual style, and it includes a lot of useful information about flowers and flower gardening as a bonus.”

“I loved this book! The author has a fresh perspective and delightful writing style. I became totally engaged with the characters and found the story hard to put down. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet romance with a creative story and wonderful flashes of humor. Original take on a romance novel!”

“This was a wonderful read! Like a fine wine, Jabour weaves a tender love story with subtle undertones of humor and suspense. Her interaction with the reader is fresh and captivating. The use of gardening and cooking tips from the characters keeps the reader engaged in the characters’ lives.”

“This book is an absolute essential for any avid gardener and romance reader. Great spring read!”

“Great read. Be prepared to fall in love.”

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