Reviewing Romance: “Moon Tiger” Part Two

A few weeks after Claudia returns to Cairo, Captain Southern calls her–he has a two day leave. They meet and this is the beginning of their passionate love affair. For the next few months, they meet whenever he has a few days leave. Claudia realizes that for the first time in her selfish life she has met a man who has captured her heart. On his final leave, he asks her to marry him. He wants her to bear his child.

For several weeks after his return to the desert, Claudia hears nothing from him. Rumors start to circulate in Cairo that a huge battle is being waged–a titanic struggle to defeat Rommel. Knowing that Tom will be in the thick of this battle, Claudia is frantic with fear. She scrutinizes the casualty lists; Captain Southern is missing!

Though not religious, Claudia visits a cathedral to pray that he has only been taken prisoner. The thought that he might be lying injured, dying of thirst and unable to reach his water bottle, tortures her.

Her prayers are unanswered; the casualty list officer calls her to tell her that Captain Tom Southern has been killed. His body has been recovered.

A few weeks later, she discovers that she is pregnant. Many years later, she receives a package from his sister–his desert diary, which had been found in his effects.

To be continued in the next “Reviewing Romance” Series…Captain Tom Southern’s Desert Diary.

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