Gardening Post of the Week

Gardening is a fascinating and extremely rewarding hobby. People often complain that they don’t have enough space or means to grow a garden, but the truth is that anyone can grow a garden with patience, perseverance, and an eye for beauty.

There was a rich gardener called Rhonda,

She spent lots, made her garden a wonder,

She spent too much more, she soon became poor,

Now she drives not a Jag but a Honda.

Baronial acres or ducal estates are not necessary in order to create a successful garden. If you hanker after a palatial spread, you would have to marry extremely well. If you haven’t yet met a duke or a baron at the local bar, don’t despair. Try writing to:

Queen Elizabeth

c/o Buckingham Palace

London, England.

Ask her whether she knows any duke or baron among her many relatives who is looking for a wife. No reply? Stony silence? Well, what the hell, it was worth a shot. So be content with what you’ve got, whether it’s a suburban lot, a townhouse garden, or a patio container garden. Any of these can become the canvas on which to paint your artistic dreams.

Remember: It’s better to have planted and lost than never to have planted at all.

Two Hunks of Canine Muscle Guard the Border

Two Hunks of Canine Muscle Guard the Border

Townhouse Garden

Townhouse Garden

A Container Garden

A Container Garden

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