Fall Chores

In multiple interviews and discussion boards, I’ve cited gardening as my inspiration for writing and drawn connections between it and the creative writing process. Because so many of my readers are of the gardening world, I’ve decided to share some of my gardening tips with you. First up: fall chores.

In Colorado at this time of year, the days are warm. But at night, one can feel the crispness in the air. The garden is beginning to look a bit tired–so is the gardener–it’s time to put the garden to bed.

All of the perennials have to be cut down to approximately six inches; those that are becoming overcrowded can be divided and replanted in other areas. Weeds and grasses that have established themselves must be removed.

This is a good time to spread compost, peat, and manure over the beds. In spring once the snow has melted and moisture has seeped into the soil, digging becomes easy. The soil is friable; it breaks up easily. Any weeds and grasses are easy to remove–it’s important to do this before they strengthen and start growing into the emerging perennials.

Now the excitement of spring planting can begin.

Stay tuned for our next topic: tulips.

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